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Hello beautiful souls, on this blog today I want to explore and talk about Moon rituals...yes!We are talking about the Moon, a topic that in my opinion is being even more popular at the moment...but it is something that was always there influencing life on Earth,

Interesting enough, over the years even before becoming a tarot reader myself and starting my spiritual personal transformation, I never paid attention at the Moon, except on clear nights; there is something really special about looking at this shiny sphere that glow in the distance.

As my learning and journey on different topics of divination progressed, I became more in tune with the power of the Moon, like cleansing my crystals and decks under her light, and now also doing rituals of manifestation and self reflection during the New Moon and Full Moon monthly dates.

One of the people that I like to follow is Yasmin Boland,(you can find her on social media, a mentor of Moon and Astrology) I discovered her when I bought one of my first oracle decks , the "Moonology oracle", created by her that I use a lot in my practise; the deck is inspired by the Moon faces and it is a lovely tool to use for rituals too.

I like to keep my rituals very simple, on my monthly routines, there are no rules regarding what you want to do in your rituals, and in my opinion you should just create your own spin using other people suggestions as a starting point. I like to have the rituals to check in with myself and give me an opportunity to journaling and read for myself, nevertheless I also use it to meditate or manifest goals that I would like to materialise in my life, the goals are usually not too grand, like for example, maybe you dream of a new home, a new career, relocation, success in a project; you could say those are rather sensible ones, I mean you could try to manifest to win the lottery if you want, no problem!

So what do I do on my Moon ritual? I usually seat on my sacred space alone and get in the mood by listening to some beautiful meditation music, you can find lots on YouTube search;, I light a candle and I burn some Palo Santo or Sage stick, to get ready the space around me and relax, I also place some crystals in my table with my journal and deck. Once my space and myself are ready, it now time to think about what I want to manifest and linger on the thought; after that I will ask the universe to pick a card to deliver a message that I need to hear, in this case from the deck I selected ( you can choose any deck you wish, go for a deck that you feel inspired or drawn to) and then journaling and reflect about the message received, it may surprise you too.

Once the ritual is done, I like to seal the session by thanking the Universe or Spirit guides for the guidance, continue with a "protection visualization" and then blow out the candle (my signal for stopping the ritual or readings).

So this is my Moon ritual, are you ready to create yours? Happy Moon everyone....

Love, Silvia

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