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Dilemma... How to choose the perfect tarot deck? Maybe you just started this journey with tarot and oracle and you are a bit confused on how to choose the first deck for learning. Another question may be: which decks would you like to work with? How big should my collection be? Is it worth spending money on many decks? You are not alone if you have those questions, when l decided to start my personal journey with tarot I was not sure which deck to pick; I wanted to try different decks ( there are so many to choose from) but at the same time l didn't want to spend too much money to start with( especially if you are not interested in becoming also a tarot collector) . I will guide you now with few simple steps that l took personally in my practice, let's get started !

tarot decks examples

Step 1

Choose your first deck. To make it easier for you, you should choose a deck that follow the images of the rider-waite deck, there are so many decks in the market that display the traditional images, your choice will also depend on the style of deck that appeal to you, for example you may prefer a theme which is dark and gothic, o sweet and colourful. Here are my suggestions from my collection: tarot mucha, traditional manga tarot, art nouveau tarot, tarot of the magical forest, lucid dreams tarot ( you can find details of those tarot decks in my videos on YouTube or Instagram).

Step 2

Once you have found the perfect deck to get started, it is now time to start exploring a bit more tarot decks, to learn which style you may want to use according for example with your mood or who are you reading for. You can view videos of flip- throughs on pretty much all tarot decks in the market (including indie decks created by tarot readers) ,made by myself on my social media or lots of other tarot readers/ vlogger from the community on Instagram ( you should follow a few so that you don't miss out especially on new tarot decks available or coming out in the world ).

Step 3

Now that some time has passed, perhaps 6 months on, you now should have few tarot decks in your collection to work with( you don't have to have necessarily more than one deck or spend lots of money) and you will have a clear idea of your preferences. Buying decks can be expensive, and some people could be on a budget but don't despair! If you wish to create a small personal collection, you should start with mass-market decks that have more affordable prices, £20 on average. Should you want to buy more expensive indie decks from tarot artists, you should create a wish list for the year ( for example 2/3 decks you really want). Also, sometime tarot readers from the community may decide to "give away" tarot decks they have created, with ruffle competitions or rehome some decks from their collection that they don't use. This is a fun way to have the chance to get a free deck , so why not try your luck!

Those are my simple steps in choosing the first deck and adding others to my practise, an important aspect of the tarot journey is in fact to be able to connect with the cards, so have fun with the reviews.....happy shopping everyone and blessings.

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