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How to create your personal sacred space

"The sacred space".. just the words makes you excited right? well...the secret space is an essential aspect of your divination and spiritual journey, as it is the space where you can store your tools, do your practice and enjoy the energy it create for you!

Where do you start in creating this magical space? The first thing to do is to choose a corner in your house, flat or room where you feel it will be relaxing and you can have some privacy, in fact the space can be as big or as little as you wish; once you have decided the location, you can start organize your space with your tools. Now you have chosen the right spot and you need to start to create it. There are different items you can place in your sacred space, for example your favourite decks, crystals and books; I suggest to start with a few items and build it up over time, this will make it more enjoyable even looking for the right items that you want to get, some great places to find divination tools are for example; spiritual shops, Etsy or Amazon.

The space should reflect your personality and perhaps you could have a specific theme or colour scheme; some of the items that you can add to your space are:

  • a table cloth to work on

  • sage stick or palo santo to cleanse the space regularly

  • images of figures like saint or spiritual guru that inspire you

  • a card holder and decks organizer for your readings

  • a journal to record your experiences

  • a grid to amplify your meditation practice

  • little figures display, for example angels

  • a candle

  • a oil burner with your favourite smells

  • a pendulum kit

The sacred space does not necessarily need to be for people that read tarot and practise divination, it can also be created for people who just enjoy meditation or energy work too. Below is a pic of my sacred space corner, it changes from time to time and it is a little more busy recently ( as I am also a tarot collector).

Do l need a sacred space? Absolutely! The sacred space can really add a lot of good energy to your environment, it made it soo much more enjoyable working on it. I find that, it is the only place where I really focus and do my practise at best, this is because it is made with love by me and has my energy all over I hope you will feel inspired by the New moon in Pisces we just had couple of days ago this month, so get creative and don't forget to share your thoughts.....remember you can subscribe to read my blogs, you can also connect with me on my other social media accounts, please consider to leave a like and help creators like me that deliver free content....blessings and happy tarot everyone!


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