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How to choose a reader and avoid scammers

If you are interested in divination and enjoy following people who post about tarot, horoscope, angels and generally about the topic, you will encounter at some point a "scammer" that will try to lure you into paying them for a reading or some sort of service; we all have this experience trust me!. Now, the problem is not asking to pay for a service, I do, but it is the unethical behaviour in which they operate. Let me explain....

I was enjoying the sunny summer morning Today I saw a video of someone doing distance energy healing ( some sort of reiki really) and I liked the post because I enjoy Reiki myself, it had a good vibe about it.....but how wrong I was? Jesus ( that's how he call himself on TikTok and I won't mention his page name for privacy reasons) added me on social media and sent me a private message saying that, bla bla bla he randomly picked me for a reading from his followers and wanted to do a reading for me if I was interested; The red flag went up of course but l wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt...after all, he is a fellow reader and maybe today he felt inspired to offer some readings as I do on a fb group, time to time or my actual social media platforms on YouTube on TikTok ( and if you don't know, check it out!)

He then proceeded to the tactic they use on the prey , usually using the same narrative " the universe has a VERY important message for you and my intention is to assist others to expanding their highest- self , how much would you like to donate to receive your accurate reading?" How disappointing! Of course my first reaction was to call him out on it and that was it ... but yet he is going to keep doing it and take advantage of others gullible people, while driving away tarot and divination lovers from honest readers like what is my advice?

  • Please don't fall for those type of messages. Professional, ethical readers will not send you this sort of messages, they will have it clear on social media on how you can contact them or book a reading with them, perhaps via a website, shop like Etsy, doing "lives" on social media or simply contacting them directly.

  • Please don't put yourself off from having some sort of spiritual service, it can be an amazing experience, fun , uplifting and something to talk about with your friends afterwards!

  • Find a reader and try it out, check their reviews, and go with your instinct, some readers may not have 1000's of reviews, but this doesn't mean they are not worth the experience.

  • Finally professional readers will ask a price for a service, you are paying them also for their time and it is a matter of respect!.. beside, the prices are usually reasonable, don't you pay for cinema, pizza or your nails? why would a reading that offer you a valuable insights and guidance be any different?

Remember that divinisation, angels and spirituality may not be for everyone but readings can be!... I think that, readings can help you gain introspection or solutions to your everyday life, I consider myself a "spiritual counsellor" as I like to combine the divination aspect of the reading with counselling skills, a sort of "tarot priest", that can offer an extra support ( please member that you should never substitute professional help such as doctors, counsellors, therapist for serious issues, that is it not the role or responsibility of the reader).

I started journaling when I was only 9, writing down my life and then I continued the practice incorporating my tarot readings and divination, and I find it very therapeutical and inspirational ( it was in fact with my tarot and angel practice that I realized my interest in psychology and study my the level 2 professional certificate in counselling skills).

I hope this article can help you make up your mind about the industry and fill you with good energy and perhaps a little curiosity, if I have please check out my YouTube channel link below

Love, Silvia

Spill the tarot

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