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Why l detox once a week from social media


l remember the times when there was no social media, you could not see what your friends were up to, and if you did not like the TV choices for the night tough!.... it was a book or music to kill some boredom....then social media came along and suddenly even living abroad or travelling the world on my suitcase didn't feel too much challenging anymore; there is so much available for you to see and experience, catching up with people is one button away and you can share your passions and view whatever you want every moment of your!..l was never big on social media sharing , however eventually l felt the need to connect with people that shared my passion; create a page that portrays my spiritual journey; give the opportunity of like- minded people to follow me on this journey; I really enjoy posting on my page and create content, l feel inspired by others on Instagram, l am grateful for the connections that develop around me....but social media is not only this, there is the "dark side" of it. Despite being an energetic and outgoing Aries, l like to think of myself of a "Hermit in disguise" because l often really need time for myself and disengage from the external world; a bit of solitude actually brings me pleasure, l get the time to think about myself, relax and enjoy my own company.

l recently realized that l could feel the pressure of being present on social media all the time, to the point that it can become a habit if not an addiction!..l was craving time away from it and feeling one day l decided to have my " social media detox day "( usually Sundays, but can vary from week to week) where l don't look or post anything on it for the whole

day ( for example l managed to write this blog thanks to my detox day) , this makes me feel again in control, happy and when is your detox day? happy detox!

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