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Updated: Feb 26, 2023

We know for a fact that meditation has been practiced since 1500 BC, however I feel it has become more popular in recent years… it has been shown to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, so it is no surprise that therapists use it too as a treatment for some medical conditions; personally I started to approach meditation simply by listening to "meditation music" or "relaxing type sounds", and I listened to it when I was studying or to help me sleep; I found it was a good way to relax and focus..... Many people feel discouraged from trying, they're not sure how to do it right or if it really works... just relax! What I love about meditation is that it's easy and doesn't cost much, all you need is a quiet place, a pillow, some incense and music!

There are 3 simple main steps to start meditating: STEP 1 Find a comfortable position STEP 2 Focus on your natural inhalation and exhalation STEP 3 Keep doing this for about 2 minutes (or more if you can) and when your mind wonders, you can simply refocus on your breathing or think of a message you want to meditate on. My favorite meditation technique is what I call "mood meditation", using the beautiful book by Sarah Prout, called Dear Universe, with 200 mini meditations (you can find them on social networks).... each meditation corresponds to a certain "feeling" to choose from a list, then I simply select how I feel at that specific moment, read the message and start my meditation!...easy right? I love doing this exercise because I always feel better afterwards, it helps me acknowledge my feelings and push them away. You can also do it using your oracle cards, using the same principle, draw a card and meditate on the message!....good meditation everyone.....with love Silvia.

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