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Monthly ritual with angels and divine guidance

Talking about angels is one of my favorite topics when talking about spirituality. This is because I believe they are always around us, continually helping and listening to us, and occasionally making their presence felt when we really need it. I think many spiritual people have come across or asked themselves these questions at least once or twice and perhaps have some personal stories to share that might change your outlook as well.

When I began my spiritual journey with tarot and divination, I wanted to understand more about them and how to better communicate and channel their presence. It was during this process that I discovered one of my favorite angel mentors and authors, Kyle Gray. I started listening to his experiences and teaching methods, and later also became one of his certified "angel card readers", which was a very beautiful experience in my quest to understand angels and my life . I take great pride in reading angel cards, especially because they bring a very gentle and uplifting energy while providing guidance. In addition to performing angel card readings, I have developed my own monthly angel ritual inspired by Kyle's teachings. This ritual serves to provide me with answers and enlightenment from the angels and also helps me discover which angels assist me in a specific month and why. This is a very useful practice as it will serve as confirmation of what you want to address at any given moment or may reveal something important that needs your attention. Every month I dedicate time to this special practice. I keep a dedicated journal to document my angelic interactions. To start, I meditate and invoke the angels, using my favorite crystals, burning palo santo or sage, and preparing my cards. While I own several decks of angel cards, I reserve two specific ones for this personal ritual: “The Guardian Angel Oracle Deck” by Delia Ciccarelli and the “Angels Prayers” Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. These are my favorite decks for journaling, but you are free to choose whatever deck resonates with you. I recommend selecting at least one deck that contains archangels. After completing the meditation and preparing to draw cards, I divide the deck into two sections: archangel cards and general angel message cards from Kyle's deck. I start by drawing a card from the archangel deck to determine which archangel will guide me during the month I'm focusing on. After noting this card in my journal, I draw a card with the angel's message from the general pile for further insights. Next, I select a card from the second deck to discover which specific angel will assist me for the month ahead, documenting my reflections in my journal. I particularly appreciate Delia's deck for its informative approach, providing keywords that describe each angel's attributes and the type of help they offer. It is remarkable how accurately your chosen angel can relate to your current circumstances or intentions, demonstrating his attention to your thoughts and desires.

At the end of the session, I will express gratitude to my angels, engage in a closing meditation, and take a few minutes to contemplate the messages I have received. Angels will not intervene in your life unless you seek their help; however, they offer signs to guide you and facilitate learning essential lessons such as forgiveness, gratitude, and releasing attachments. This monthly routine is incredibly calming and helps me stay grounded, balanced and protected from negativity. Numerous readers, including myself, provide angelic readings, both tailored to individuals and broader in scope. If you have a passion for angels and are intrigued, feel free to visit my YouTube or Instagram channel, where I share short reads about angels on a weekly basis for your pleasure. The link to these platforms can be accessed via my website. I encourage you to cultivate your connection with your angels; anyone has the ability to gain the ability to communicate and collaborate with these celestial beings. Your angels also led you to this article; Consider yourself lucky and loved. Silvia x

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