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Why I use Tarot in my life for self-introspection and guidance

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I became interested in tarot many years ago, although I only recently decided to share this passion with others as part of my spiritual journey. From my point of view "tarot" is something perceived as a "fortune teller", a practice for predicting the future, but in reality it offers much more. Tarot can inspire people to help achieve desires, relieve anxiety and most importantly find meaning… most people choose a tarot reading motivated by stating “what they think should be of a situation/life path" or "what will happen in their life" correspond to their expectations .... this is one of the reasons why they fear this divinatory practice. I remember when I experienced my first reading from someone, before I learned tarot practice myself, feeling both excited and nervous…because when you ask difficult personal questions you think to yourself: “what if I get bad news? " What if it confirms what I'm afraid to hear? I would like my clients to experience what I feel when I read the tarot for myself, that is, to have a moment of reflection on any event in my hectic life and accept it calmly, always looking ahead with a positive attitude, especially when you need the best . I have never felt more connected and inspired since doing tarot and realized there is no need to fear it when you come from a place of love and good, go ahead and experience this unique tool with me and enjoy the ride.

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